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Chloe: chloe was our FIRST goat . Chloe had two baby goats(kids) for her first litter she got pregnant with Billy(our billy goat) and he has now come again to get her pregnant! she will have another litter of kids with Billy towards December. Chloe is a Chestnut color(light brown) solid with a diamond on forhead.CHLOE IS THE GOAT TO THE LEFT



Anabelle has passed on, Because of a bad injurie :( Sorry to say the babies are ***gone ***:(   SEE THE  In Memory Page (click)


Anabelle: TO THE LEFT!!! Anabelle is really sweet and cute, Anabelle has passed away...
Patches:  TO THE RIGHT!!! Patches Loves to be with her Best friend(SIS) and Loves to play!!!



Billy- Is well...A Billy, He has bred three of our females and in total all had 6 kids. Billy is white with Dark brown neck & head.* all his ''kids'' have dark brown on them. Billy bre back Chloe , Princess , Zoey , Patches , Anabelle And Patches  & Princess already had their kids they each produced 2 ...So we have 4 NEW arrivals....Chloe, Zoey , And Anabelle should have theirs soon!

***Billy is A Billy Goat and if you want to BUY/ Breed him to your goat you can! *** EMAIL FOR MORE INFO.


Princess-Another female she is chestnut and white ( like a PAINT HORSE). She produced an all white one with brown socks, a white one with brown ears and neck, and  an all white except neck and head which was brown w/white stripe in middle...unfortanatlly two didn't make it, due to weather conditions and us not being out there. When we came out the next morning one was dead(frozen) and one was laying almost LIFELESS on ground while his brother was standing over him. we thought okay we need to warm them up so we put them in a bigger warmer barn w/there mom and they wouldnt nurse so we took them home and nursed them back they both were healthy and fine and lived through the next two days. Sorry to say that one dyed. The Only one that survived is STRONG, HEALTHY, GORGEOUS, AND FAST GROWER!!!


Zoey- we bought her for our nephew and he LOVED her but, she's kinda spooked of humans. She is white and light baige.Zoey had one kid up in the woods and he looks like his dad xcept he has brown on PARTof his face.



Gitter-He is neutured and is Princesses Suvivor!!! He is our friendliest one.looks like his dad but prettier!  Gitter enjoys Food, Sun bathing, jumping, sliding, And cuddleing...


Nanny-She was princess's mom and is black with dark baige on her w/mix of white. R.I.P ( SEE IN MEMORY PAGE )


Brad:He is neutered as well.Brad is like his dad to, Please email for pic.of him(i dont know why it didn't come out all the way).


We Have Goats And Kids Available Now! Pick Yours and make an offer! ( Some Are and Aren't For Sale )

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Billy  :   Billy is of course a billy goat that could BE YOURS TODAY!! He is a great Billy not mean and is friendlier than any other goat I've ever met! Billy Is for sale please email for his Price!!

 email for the following:


* Additional Info.