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Our Animals That are in a better place:


Anabelle is Chloe's Baby and was one of the nicest goats around. Anabelle was expected and so was her mother so, We put both mommy's in a stall together (normally we wouldn't put them together but, they weren't that far along and they were family so we put them together). Well, It all started when we pulled up ( Before we put them up) the goats were all running and Anabelle was slower than norrmal so we thought because she was pregnant so...We put hr and Chloe together in a stall and the next day she dragged her back legs in the stall, The day after we called the vet and by the time we got out there she couldn't walk. The vet gave us a shot to give her and we gave her it but he said he's seen it before and it was a bad deal. The next day it was really bad, The day after she couldn't even use her two front legs and we decided to euthanize her. During This whole sad thing Anabelle always wanted us to help her and she never b-a-a-a-ad during all the trauma that was happening to her. Chloe was sad and always wanted us to help Anabelle out to. Gitter ( Anabelles best Friend) B-a-a-aa-d All week when we put her up in the stall and  he always crys(Ba-a-a-ds ) When he walks past the stall. We have been researching this and we think we might know the cause. The cause it may be is called CAE "Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis" And Just recently( about a month After Anabelle's Tragidy) Nanny (princess's mom) Went down exactly like Anabellle So, You may see Nanny on this SAD page to....


Nanny was princess's mom and Gitters grandma. Nanny had (well, we thnk she had a desease called CAE "Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis"  Click link to learn more about it) Nanny could've had it and when we went to check on her on Monday, She had passed on. Nanny wasn't tame until when she was passing. Though she was older and couldv'e ust had Arthritis she showed the same signs that anabelle did. The only different was that Nanny went down quicker.

We don't have any pictures of Zipper or Brother Just Gitter....(as pictured below)


Zipper & Brother
Princess Had three kids, All were boys (The one named Brother was frozen so we didn't really check if it was a boy or girl...But Brother seemed right.) After the winter strom (last year) had past which left most everything frozen...We checked on the goats during the three days of the cold cold winter and Princess had her goats, Three KIDS!!! One goat was standing over the other and one was frozen ... We named The one standing Gitter (like Get-R- Done) The one laying down Zipper and the other...Brother.  We took the two to our house and nursed them back to health (So we thought) we bottle fed them for three days and Zipper looked healthy and was standing up and playing with his brother, But then that night when we checked on him he was sound asleep and his brother ( Gitter) was standing over him and when I woke Zipper up to bottle feed him & Play with him, He never woke up... This is the sad story of Zipper & Brother...Zipper Died from Scours... And the othe well... You know.

Prissy was a good loving dog and was Sagents Best Friend For Life!!!  Prissy Had something really sad happen to her, Which I won't mention. But I loved her alot and I hope Sargent And Her will finfd each other in heaven and play like they used to.

Lucky was a good Cocker Spaniel and was so cute and made everyone laugh, One day heading home from Pet Co. We were pulling in the drive-way I was asleep and I felt a bump and woke up My mom was outside the car with my sister. They told me my mom ran over my dog, Lucky and...Well, That's Kinda what happened