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Spanish Treasure Ranch

Spanish Treasure Ranch offers Goats & Horses For sale. We aren't a Ranch that offers lessons, Bpardings, or anything like that. We are more of a family Ranch that has some animals for sale from time to time.
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Spanish Treasure Ranch is located in gravette, AR on 20+ acres! 13 acres where are horses are and 10+ acres of very tall hills ( which we use for our 4- wheeler trails. They can also be used by horses ( We will try with our horses this summer!)  

The Kimbrough's Own Spanish Treasure ranch and named the ranch after the road that it's on ...( Spanish Treasure ). The Kimbroughs Main Owner, Steven D. Kimbrough was born and raised on a pig farm and also helped his parents there and at the potato plant . Steven D. Kimbrough is a Dentist but stilll loves all the animals! Renee E. Kimbrough, ( the wife of Steven ) was also born and raised on a farm with all sorts of animals! Steven & Renee had two kids named Rachel ( 17 years old ) And Jessica ( 13 years old ) . They both love animals! Especially Jessica, She wants and loves every animal !
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Sargent Duke is a German Shephard that is at stud now so if your interested then please take a look. Also, The  baby goats were born NOVEMBER 12, 2007 !!! 4 babies!!! princess had two healthy goats and patches had two healthy goats! Also, Chloe had her kids
Febuary 4th, 2008  And Zoey had hers
Febuary 12th 2008  !  Chloe had 3 kids, One girl Two boys! And Zoey had one boy and one girl ! the girl is little (of Zoeys )



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